martes, 29 de abril de 2014

La casa de dos artistas en EEUU

Otra de esas casas que a mi tanto me gustan. Una casa con muebles vintage, textiles étnicos, sillas thonet, tapices y vajillas antiguas. Además me encanta la alacena de madera rústica y me vuelven loca las flores secando en las paredes. Me gusta sobre todo por como saben mezclar los diferentes estilos, lo nuevo y lo viejo, y como consiguen un resultado, para mi gusto, espectacular, moderno y acogedor.

Design Sponge/ The hanging sculptures are from an installation Nathan did called “go innocent into the forest my children.”  When the door is open their tales move in the breeze.  The plant is a split leaf philodendron, our favorite modernist plant, though we wouldn’t say that in front of the fiddle leaf fig. Together they make a great vertical motion that helps give the room an almost jungle like atmosphere.

Design Sponge/ This beautiful Grundig is a vintage record player and tape recorder and now it’s a nature alter.  I like to burn sage or incense when I clean the house .  I love Nathan’s felt piece on the wall.  He made the paints using different pigments, including clay from the cotswolds in England and red bridal pigment from India.

Design Sponge/ Most of furniture comes from diligent thrifting and Craigslist.

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Design Sponge/ Our record player and small but growing record collection sits below a Berber Rug from Morocco on loan from our friend Gilda Hariri.  The centennial plant completes the color scheme and was a gift from our farmer friend Mike Sullivan.

Image above: A bounty!  Gleaning fruits from forgotten trees, a bottle of wine given to us by our winemaker friend Johny Parker, dried herbs from our garden and my own hand dipped beeswax candles.

Design Sponge/ One of my favorite details in the kitchen, these gloves were installed by a past roommate.

Design Sponge/ We like to collect seeds and pods.  I wash pumpkin seeds and roast them. The eucalyptus pods were given to me by a friend, the scent is medicinal it’s so strong.  The little calendar is from Otherwild in Los Angles.  Otherwild is great because they sell works by both designers and artists.

Design Sponge/ I have always loved throwing tea parties and when I was seventeen I spent some time with Bedouins in the Sinai desert, where tea is a very important part of their daily ritual. Since then serving tea has been part of my art practice.  To signify our engagement, Nathan gave me this beautiful hand thrown vintage the teapot.  It looks a little like magic lamp, if you rub it a genie just come out. He got it from one of our favorite shops, Gravel and Gold in San Francisco.

Design Sponge/ I found this beautiful desk on Craigslist. I believe it’s designed by Mummenthaler and Meier.  The desk folds pull out and then it folds back up into a cabinet.  It’s great for small spaces.  My sister, Sarah made the little wood stool when she was in high school for a green woodworking class. The painting is one of my recent watercolors.

Design Sponge/

Design Sponge/ These beautiful paintings are made the artist Jane Callister.  I love how the forms in the paintings echo the forms of Nathan’s clay sculptures.

Design Sponge/ Our porch is just delightful, we often drink tea out there and watch the sunset and during the rainy season we can still sit outside. Our porch overlooks our back yard and down Mission Canyon. We are lucky to have so much outdoor space including a hammock in the oak tree.  And then of course, there’s our beautiful studio, which is really what drew us to living here.

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